Introduction to Brushless Motor Activator


 Main Parameters:


Staining voltage 6-25V
BEC current 3.0A 3.0A 3.0A 3.0A
continuous output current 60A 40A 30A 20A
Instant max current 80A 60A 50A 40A
Inside impedance 0.0022 O 0.0033 O 0.0044 O  0.0066 O
Reversion Yes Yes Yes Yes
Low voltage, cut electricity protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weight 35g (approximately) 33g (approximately) 32.4g (approximately) 31.8g (approximately)



When the controller signal lose, it will stop automatically. But it will come back to the former mode at once when it receives the signals. It can be used for electric planes, helicopters. And it can be positive and reverse by adjting the motor lines.

Introduction in ing:

1.please insert the signal lines in correct direction to the controlling output port of the controller.

2.please connect well the three output ports of the activator suitably to the three input ports of the Brushless motor.

3.please add the relevant voltage to the electricity input port of the activator(please be sure the positive and negative poles are right),and you can hear a sound beep??.When you ph the throttle rod, the motor will turn at once. If the motor turning the reversing direction, you can exchange any two of the three lines and it will be OK.

WARNING: If the ing current of the BEC over the rating, we advise you e extra BEC. Or it will damage the activator.

Do as the sketch map:



Trouble diaganosing: