Rewards Program for All Members

Getting Started

All members including Domestic and International customers are eligible. Customers must have a membership account and be a fan of our Facebook Page to earn Rewards.

What are you waiting for!? Sign up for membership now! It’s free to join and NO credit card information is needed to join!

How it works

You can get "Purchase Rewards" every time you make a purchase with Banana Hobby upon the order clearing processing. Redeem these earned rewards when purchasing any item(s)/part(s) from our store.


  • $100.00 to $299.99 - 0.5% of your purchase back in Reward Credit!
  • $300.00 and above - 1% of your purchase back in Reward Credit!

You also earn Referral Reward Credits by referring people to our store and they successfully place an order with us. Rewards are awarded using the same percentage structure. You as the Referrer get the same percentages in credits off the Referee’s order as they earn in purchase rewards.

The Referrer can ergo earn the following rewards from their Referee’s purchase:

  • $100.00 to $299.99 - 0.5% of their purchase in Reward Credit!
  • $300.00 and above - 1% of their purchase in Reward Credit!

Once their (the Referee’s) order goes through, the Reward Credits will automatically be applied to your (the Referrer’s) membership account. To start referring people, simply sign into your account and send them your Referral URL. First log in to our site and navigate to your account, under “Rewards Summary” you will see a link that reads “Click here to view your Referral URL”. Click on it and a popup window will appear with you unique referral link ready to email, simply enter a recipient address and if you wish, a short message and then hit “Send”. It will automatically email the link and message to your specified recipient address. Please note Referral Rewards are earned only if (the Referee) visits our site directly using your unique referral URL and Referral Rewards are not earned if our site is visited using any other method (i.e. using a standard URL link such as etc). In addition, subsequent purchases made by (the Referee) provided he uses the same referral code link to visit our store for the purchases will continue to earn Referral Rewards for (the Referrer) and Purchase Rewards for (the Referee).

How to Redeem Earned Rewards

To use the “Earned Rewards” credit, you will need to log-in to your membership account on our website by going to the top of our webpage and clicking on "My Account". Add the item(s)/part(s) of interest to your Shopping Cart. After you have added everything you wish to purchase into your Shopping Cart, you will see a small check box, under the "Coupon Code" box, which gives you the option to use all of your available "Earned Rewards" on the current order. Clicking the "Use Earned Rewards" check box will refresh the shopping cart page to apply the credit to the order and show the remaining amount due if any. Continue with the payment information and your order will begin processing as soon as you click "Finalize Order."


  • These terms and conditions apply to BananaHobby’s Referral Rewards (“Program”). By referring a friend, making purchases, or otherwise participating in the Program, the referring customer and referred friend agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, BananaHobby’s general Terms and Conditions and policies. The general Terms and Conditions and other policies are available at :
    1. Return Policy
    2. Privacy Policy
    3. Shipping Policy

  • You must have an active membership in good standing with BananaHobby to be eligible for the program, to make referrals, and to receive referral rewards. The Referral Rewards program is only available through’s online store. If you cancel your membership, you are then no longer eligible for the rewards program. You cannot redeem a referral reward sent to yourself and you may only participate in the program with one account. Friends you invite (Referees) must be brought to’s store using your account specific referral codes and create their own membership account and make a purchase in order for the referral to be considered valid.
  • If merchandise is returned for a refund, the Reward Credits earned for that merchandise/order will be forfeit. However, if the return was due to manufacturer’s defect and/or shipping damage and have been verified by our certified Technicians, the Reward Credits will remain valid in your account as a courtesy. Referral Reward Credits earned from referral is not affected if the other party returns his or her merchandise for any reason. Reward Credits earned in any manner cannot be transferred, have no cash value, and cannot be cashed out.
  • Referrals made through any channels other than the use of BananaHobby referral codes are not eligible for the program. BananaHobby reserves the right to void any Referral rewards or proceed with any punitive measures based on but not limited to the following reasons: (1) ineligibility of any Program participant, (2) fraud or, (3) if BananaHobby, in its sole discretion, finds that you have violated any of the Program Terms and Conditions.
  • The Program is available only for BananaHobby member accounts. Please allow up to 48 business hours for your referral rewards to process and appear in your account. BananaHobby reserves the right to modify, extend or cancel this Program at any time. The Program is only available online at Internet access is required for participation in the Program. You are responsible for any and all tax liabilities associated with the Program. This Program is void where prohibited by law.


Q: How do I join the rewards program?
A: Simply get a membership with, it’s free and easy!

Q: What products can I use the credits towards?
A: Any product from’s online store.

Q: How do I use my reward credits?
A: During checkout you have the option to use your accumulated credits towards the purchase, simply check the appropriate box under the coupon code area during checkout. Please note once that box is checked all of your available reward credits are used on the order.

Q: Do I have to use my reward credits right away?
A: No. You can always save your credits for use at a later time.

Q: Do my rewards credits ever expire?
A: Yes, they are valid for 1 calendar year from the day you earned them.

Q: Can I combine my reward credits?
A: Yes. You can combine your reward credits over time and use it on any future order. You however cannot combine rewards from separate accounts.

Q: Would I be able to use my reward credits and promotional discounts together?
A: Yes. You are able to combine promotions and reward credits together.

Q: Can I use another person’s reward credits or transfer them to another account?
A: No. You are only able to use the reward credits gathered on your membership account only.

Q: What happens to the credits I earned if I cancel the order or make a return?
A: If you return the entire order or cancel the order for reasons other than manufacturer’s defect and/or shipping damage that have been verified by our certified Technicians, the credits you earned on that purchase will be deducted from your account.

Q: What happens to the credits I used towards an order if I cancel the order or make a return?
A: If you cancel or return the entire order and a refund has been issued, the credits will return to your account for future use. If the order was paid for partially with credits and the rest of the balance was paid with credit card or Paypal, the credits used will return to the account, and the rest of the payment will be credited back to the credit card or Paypal account that was used in the order.

Q: What happens to the credits I used towards an order if I am only returning part of an order and not an entire order?
A: The amount refunded is calculated as a percentage of the order amount which is then credited back to your Earned Rewards. (Example: $5 Earned rewards is used on an order totaling $100, part of the order valued at $10 is returned and refunded, which is 10% of the original order total . Therefore 10% of the Earned Rewards used on this order is credited back to your Earned Reward total, in this case $0.50.)

Q: How can I see how many rewards credits do I have?
A: You can check your credit balance by logging into your account.

Q: What if I did not receive my credits after a purchase?
A: Please give the system a little time to process the order, if the credits are still not visible in your account after 48 business hours you can contact our customer service to inquire.