In the event that you need to bind your 2.4GHz Radio System, here are the links for an instructional video which will actually walk you through the process. You can tell that your Radio System needs to be binded when the battery is connected and there is a constant beeping, or if the light on the receiver is constantly flashing. Please ensure that the throttle stick AND trim are both all the way down before being the binding process.

Please visit the link for your specific radio system:

Blitzrcworks / Art-Tech 2.4GHz Radio System:

BlitzRcWorks JE0101 Transmitter & JE198 Receiver:

BlitzRcWorks MC4DF / MC6DF Radio System:

BlitzRcWorks T-18 / R-18 Radio System:

Sky Flight / LanXiang (LX)Radio System:

Topfire Radio System:

Fly Sky Radio System:

(Binding process is similar to Top Fire Radio System; Only difference is the location of the Bind Button.)

If your radio system is not working, power it down and make sure that the throttle stick AND trim are all the way down prior to powering it on, and that you wait 20 seconds after connecting the battery to move any of the sticks. If you continue to have problems with your radio system and need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.