We strive to provide you with great care and service.

ATTENTION: Please read the following guidelines before making a purchase.

All products ordered from Banana Hobby come with a 30-Day Warranty unless specified otherwise. The product warranty begins when the product is delivered to the recipient. We are aware of rare exceptions where a product issue may arise. To that extent, we will provide support to the product as described below.

What does the Product Warranty not cover?

Models or Items which have been flown, used or modified. Because of the many factors involved in the flight of an RC model, our manufacturers DO NOT offer a warranty on aircraft that have been flown, used or modified in any way. Modifying any of our products may change product limitations that deviate from the manufacturer’s given performance specifications which voids their warranty guidelines. Modifications extend to changes of the airframe, painting, cutting and soldering or modifying any of the electronics or connectors of the aircraft. Attempting to return any product which has been modified will result in a denied warranty claim. For a proper Pre-Flight Check procedure, please review our knowledgebase section found here: Customer Support

NOTE: High value items will require a return before a solution can be provided by Banana Hobby.

What does the Product Warranty cover?

Parts or product electronics with a confirmed issue.If you notice any defective part(s) on your recent purchase, Banana Hobby will provide the necessary part(s) to resolve the issue. For better service, be sure to test and check all received parts and electronics BEFORE assembly. The owner of the item will be responsible for the installation and assembly of any replacement parts.

What should I do if an issue is discovered?

If an issue is discovered, it is important to document the issue with photos or video – videos are not always necessary. We apologize for this requirement, but this is at the request of the manufacturers for future issue prevention and product improvement. Evidence can either be e-mailed or texted to our support lines found here: Customer Support

What about small fit and finish imperfections?

Many of our items use parts that are hand-made and sometimes result in small imperfections. Small gaps between assembled foam pieces, small dents or dings, missing paint, excessive paint or light foam warping will not affect the flight performance of the aircraft. That being the case, the manufacturer will not cover this under their warranty guidelines. Prior to assembly, it is best to “dry-fit” and check the fitting of all parts. If you are not happy with the fit and finish of the aircraft, please keep all parts unassembled, new and within their respective packaging. Afterwards, contact the Banana Hobby Support Team to resolve any of the aforementioned issues.

What are the exceptions to Banana Hobby’s return policy?

Banana Hobby reserves the right to return merchandise back to the customer or apply restocking fees if any claims or issues are found not to be true and/or if they show signs of damage by dust, dirt, water, sand, and/or other contaminants. We also reserve the right to refuse any box that is delivered to us that does not have a valid Banana Hobby issued return merchandise authorization number written clearly on the outside shipping box.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact the Banana Hobby Support Team.