How Our New Lower Price Works

We continue to offer free shipping on all part orders or arrangements over $20

In order to keep part orders and/or part arrangements simple, we have opted for a shipping model where parts are shipped free if the total cost is above $20.00. This includes orders where solely parts are purchased or when they are purchased along with actual models. Part orders below $20.00 are subjected to our Flat Rate Shipping option of $5.00. Standard shipping rates will apply for parts that are included in orders with models if the total cost of the parts is below $20.00.

Why the cost of shipping is applied separately

After very careful consideration, we have opted for a new pricing structure in order to apply fair and low prices for all pilots, domestic and international. With our new prices, the end game is to ultimately provide a lower price for all pilots – even with applied shipping costs. At the same time, international pilots can save on custom fees and taxes due to the lower product pricing. The same applies to local pilots in California since they are able to save on taxes. It does not matter if you are in Oregon, North Dakota, Texas, New York, Florida or Alaska, we will provide several shipping methods to allow flexible pricing options to meet your needs and provide better overall savings. We will also continue to work closely with our manufacturers to provide the best possible prices.

Another reason for our separate shipping costs is that certain pilots are likely to overpay with a built-in shipping on the overall product price. The reason for this is due to the nature of our large oversized packaging from bigger models like our 105mm Special Edition F-16. For example, international pilots are likely to pay double shipping due to the built-in shipping cost on the product price and also the applied shipping rate to send to their country. This applies for pilots in states such as Alaska and Hawaii as well. It is also likely for international pilots to encounter higher fees and taxes from the policies of their country’s customs. To be fair all around, we have tackled this problem with our ability to reduce prices on models and reduce costs for many pilots while also providing flexible shipping options.

We want to continue passing on the savings to you with these new low prices, and we thank you for supporting us throughout all the years.