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Wing Dragon Tail Assembly Addendum


 This guide will attempt to clear up some confusion with regards to the screws that secure the rear tail fins to the tail boom.

 Shown here are the fuselage of the Wing Dragon and its included hardware bag. The tail section screws (they should measure 0.5 inches) can be found inside this hardware bag.


 In this photo you can see the very end of the tail boom that is attached to the main fuselage.

 The two protrusions you see are receptacles for both the screws and the top vertical fin.


 Here is a side view for you to get an idea of the shape and size of the piece.


 Here we have introduced the vertical tail piece, at the bottom of that piece are plastic ends that are designed to fit into the protruding receptacles we mentioned on the tail end piece.


 They fit together as shown in this photo, the empty space between is where the horizontal tail wing is suppose to be.

 For demonstration purposes in this photo, we did not put the horizontal tail in so that you may more clearly see how the vertical tail fits onto the tail end piece.


 This is how it should look with the horizontal tail installed as well.


 Here is a view down the protruding mounts, you can see about how far in the screw goes.

 The screws are inserted from specific holes drilled into the bottom of the tail boom shaft reight below these.


 Here is a close view, you can see the screw comes up to just a little past halfway.

 In a diagram near the bottom of this guide, you can see how this screw was designed to fit with the vertical tail piece.

 If you should encounter issues where it seems the screw does not catch the top vertical tail piece, the following modification is a very simply workaround.


 Using a pair of pliers or something similar, you will want to cut both studs on the tail end piece about halfway as shown.

 It is very important that you cut the pieces on the tail boom connected to main fuselage, and not the ones on the vertical wing pieces by mistake.


 Try to cut them as evenly as possible, after you have done so it is recommended you sand them down a bit so they're more even and not as rough.


 This is how it should look after the modification.


 Here is a look from the side, compare to the earlier photo how much as been removed.


 Now the screw is very much visible and almost reaches completely towards the edge of the opening.


 For your reference, this rough diagram shows how the mounting would have looked originally.


 After the modification, the screw is allowed to go in completely and therefore hold on more securely.


 A view of the mounting with the vertical tail piece, compare this with an earlier photo before the modification.


 At this time, you can go ahead and attach the horizontal wing as well and tighten up the screws, they should dig in just fine now.

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