BananaHobby RC Repair Guides:
Installing the Large Carbon Fiber Helicopter Training Kit



 This is everything that is included with your Large Carbon Fiber Training Kit.

 You should not require any additional tools for the installation.

 This installation is meant for a helicopter equiped with landing skids.

 This training kit will not fit a helicopter using wheeled landing gears without some modifcations.


 Insert one of the supplied plastic stopper onto one of the supplied carbon fiber rods.


 Next slide the foam sphere onto the carbon fiber rod, and attach one more stopper to keep it in place.


 Repeat this process for all four carbon fiber rods and foam spheres.


 The spheres at the ends should look like this when finished.


 Now connect all four carbon rods with the spheres attached to the plastic central hub as shown.


 You will want them to form an "X" shape as shown in these photos.


 Ensure that each carbon rod is inserted fully and securely into the central hub.


 Now we are ready to mount the helicopter to the training kit.


 Position the training gear underneath the helicopter as shown here.

 Here is a view from the side, your helicopter should be lined up like this.

 You will want the struts for the landing skids to line up with the carbon rods.


 You can use the provided zip-ties to secure the four carbon rods to the landing skids as shown here.


 Here is a different view of the attached training kit.


 Your Training kit is now fully installed and ready to use, we recommend that you clip off the ends of the ties sticking out for a cleaner look and to prevent them from interfering with landing the helicopter.


 Remember though if you wish to detach the Training Kit at any time, DO NOT cut off the zip-ties completely, simply detach the carbon rods from the plastic central hub and slide them out an leave the zip-ties on the landing skids so you can reattach the kit anytime.

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